• Vipin Adhlakha


    Founder and President of a clinical testing lab

  • Vipin Adhlakha is the Founder and President of Aria Diagnostics Clinical Testing Lab. The company specializes in highly complex laboratory testing for the medical industry, with services ranging from routine blood chemistry and hematology to specialty molecular and urine toxicology testing. Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Mr. Adhalakha was greatly influenced by the area's diverse ethnic and racial population. Midway through high school, he and his family moved to Indiana, a pivotal time in his life. During this time, he developed a keen interest in the sciences and decided to major in biology at Indiana Univ Bloomington- one of America's leading research universities. Vipin was always fascinated by biology because it is a science that incorporates many other sciences, such as genetics, ecology, and microbiology. But it also has many practical applications, such as studying animal and plant life and harnessing those functions, processes, and habits for the benefit of mankind. He chose to specialize in genomics (the genetic sequence information of organisms), which led to his current career in clinical molecular diagnostics. This subset of human biology covers the diagnostic testing of molecular biology to uncover the human, viral, genetic, and encoded makeup of organic substances.